Carpet Cleaning Services Wollongong

Carpet Cleaning Services Wollongong

Here at Wilson’s Carpet Cleaning Services, we offer two professional carpet cleaning systems, Carpet Steam Cleaning and our Eco-Green Carpet Cleaning, which is highly recommended for those who suffer from health issues.

Our steam cleaning is one of the most popular ways to remove both dirt and bacteria from your carpet and is recommended for carpets that are heavily stained or are walked upon regularly.

Our Eco-Green carpet cleaning or low-moisture cleaning is an incredibly modern form of carpet cleaning. We spray your carpet with a high strength concentrate that will lift any stubborn stains to the surface so that we can remove them with ease.

A very thin layer of polymer is also left behind, which means it’s not unusual to see your carpet become even cleaner in the weeks following!

Carpet cleaning should be top of the list when it comes to keeping your home spick and span. Of all the furnishings in a home, the carpet experiences the most direct traffic, which contributes to dirt accumulation and general wear and tear.

Keeping what lies beneath as good as new goes beyond regular vacuuming – professional carpet cleaning at least once a year is advisable

What are the benefits of carpet cleaning?

The advantages of calling in a professional carpet cleaning crew like us at Wilsons Carpet Cleaning include:

Increases longevity 

One major benefit of professional carpet cleaning is that our service helps extend the life of your carpet. Over time, dirt, dust, allergens, and other debris accumulate in the carpet and get embedded within the fibres causing them to split and deteriorate.  

We use cleaning methods such as hot water extraction that drill down to the base of the pile leaving your carpet thoroughly clean.  

Maintains a healthy environment

Professional deep carpet cleaning eradicates dust and allergens that many of us are sensitive or even allergic to. Trapped dust will become airborne with regular footfall and can lead to respiratory problems. Vacuuming, even daily, can’t deal with anything other than superficial carpet dirt.

Move odour

As lovely as carpeting can be it’s ultimately a textile, much like the clothes we wear. So, over time it can develop a funk of its own. Carpets aren’t invincible and will absorb moisture and mud, pet mishaps and cooking smells. Professional deep carpet cleaning once or twice annually will ensure that it comes up smelling like roses all year round.

Stain slayer

You might be on “carpet alert” and armed with the sponge to deal with everyday spillages but there are some stains that won’t budge without a nudge from a professional clean. Red wine, ink, coffee and even self-tanning lotion can play havoc with your plush pile that can only be combatted with specific commercial cleaning solutions and specialist attention.

Keeping it even

Carpets have what we call in the industry “traffic lanes” – areas where footfall is most frequent. There’s no surprise that under your sofas and bed the carpet looks like it has just been installed. Frequent tread takes its toll on carpet fibres. Diligent vacuuming will tease them back into place to a certain extent, but there’s nothing like a professional once-over to revitalise these downtrodden fibres.

Roll out the carpet crew

Carpet cleaning is what we do best and it’s an outlay you won’t regret. It won’t only extend the life of your carpet, professional carpet cleaning goes a long way to lowering the risk of health problems in your home. 

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