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Our General & Carpet Cleaning Services

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Carpet Cleaning

Here at Wilson’s Carpet Cleaning Services, we offer two professional Wollongong carpet cleaning options, Carpet Steam Cleaning and our Eco-Green Carpet Cleaning, which is highly recommended for those who suffer from health issues.

We also provide emergency Wollongong carpet cleaning services for those unplanned emergencies.

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Upholstery Cleaning

Our professional upholstery cleaning service will return your furniture to an amazing standard.

Our hygienic treatments will not only leave your upholstery looking and smelling good as new but will remove dust mites and allergens.

Perfect for asthma sufferers and children

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Tile Cleaning

At Wilson’s, we offer a high-quality tile and grout cleaning service for most tile types.

Our specialists can thoroughly deep-clean your tiles and will keep your space looking its best.

As different tile and grout types require different treatments, our team will identify the best course of action for you.

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Professional Carpet Cleaners Wollongong

If your carpets need mould remediation, stain removal or simply a freshen up, then its time to call us.

When you’re in need of a professional carpet cleaning Wollongong team that you can rely on to get the job done quickly, efficiently & affordably, it is hard to go past the highly skilled team at Wilson’s in Wollongong.

Specialised Upholstery & Rug Cleaners

We will ensure your home or office is looking spotless again with our range of cleaning services including the cleaning of your carpet, upholstery and rugs.

If your carpet has those few stubborn stains that you just can’t seem the get rid of, we will be able to help you out today and save you the stress. Our expert carpet cleaners can assist with stain removal, water damage and mould remediation.

Insurance Carpet Restorations & Repairs

Has your home recently been hit by a storm or other natural disaster? We can assist you with a range of insurance restoration services and carpet repairs to get your home back in perfect shape.

With 47 years’ experience, our local, family owned cleaning business is the longest established Wollongong carpet cleaning service in the Illawarra. We have the knowledge and expertise to help give you a cleaner, fresher and healthier carpet in your residential and commercial premises.

Servicing Wollongong, Illawarra, Shoalhaven, Southern Highlands, Southern Sydney and everywhere in-between, we are open Monday to Friday, with Saturday appointments & emergency carpet cleaning services available.

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Expert Carpet Cleaning Wollongong Services at an Affordable Price

Wilson’s is well known for being one of Wollongong’s leading carpet cleaning companies, and offer a comprehensive range of professional carpet cleaning services.

We are committed to providing our clients with high quality services at affordable prices. Don’t pay too much for your carpet or upholstery cleaning, just call us today.

Our team are professionally trained. When it comes to pricing, some people may think that a cheaper price means lower quality.

However, we pride ourselves in delivering a top-quality carpet cleaning service using our years of experience. With 47+ years of experience, we know which techniques are necessary and which are an additional luxury.

For the deepest carpet clean, we perform steam & eco-green carpet cleaning ensuring all the dirt & grime is drawn out leaving your carpets and rugs good as new!

47+ Years’ Carpet Cleaning Experience

From leather and mattress cleaning to carpet restoration, we provide a large range of services including:

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Top Signs Your Carpet Needs Professional Wollongong Carpet Cleaning

You do your best to keep your home bright and clean, vacuuming regularly and trying to keep dirt and debris to a minimum. However, over time you might start to notice that your carpet is looking worn and tired, and you don’t know what to do. Professional carpet cleaning for your home may be the solution. 

Carpet Stains

You may have accidentally spilt water over the floor, or there is that odd stain that you suspect is wine, but is firmly denied by the rest of the household. These stains can become noticeable over time, and the only real way to get them out is through carpet cleaning

Children & Pets In The Home

When kids and animals have access to the carpet, it really does need the help of the pros. This is because even small traces of dirt, debris and other matter can make your carpet look old and unloved. Not to mention, you don’t want them breathing in all of that nastiness!

Lingering Odours?

One clear sign that your carpets need to be cleaned is an odd smell coming from the room. You might not even associate it with the carpet at first, but we can confirm if is exactly where it is coming from. Now all you have to do is give us a call to give it a thorough clean to rid those odours.

Dust Or Other Allergies

If you are allergic to dander, dust mites or some types of dust itself, you may be affected if your carpet isn’t professionally cleaned. When you have a runny nose, constantly sore eyes or a constant cough, a good carpet cleaner can make a real difference. 

Carpet Isn’t Looking Its Best

Despite your best efforts, your carpet just looks worn down and tired. A domestic cleaner just can’t get into the areas needed, and only a thorough, professional clean can remove particles of dirt and marks that are affecting the look of your carpet.

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